4 of 5 US Highest-Paid Executives works at Apple Inc.

Bloomberg Businessweek released the list of the US Highest-Paid Executives, four out of the first five works with Apple Inc, but CEO Tim Cook is not included in the list. As revealed in the 2012 fiscal compensation figures for top earners that was filed with SEC, US Security and Exchange Commission, guys from Apple; Bob […]

What Makes Your Smart Watch Special

There’s likely to be a lot of overt and covert disapproval to your wearing a smart watch. You may hear things like –“watches aren’t worn anymore,” “Use your smartphone” and “it isn’t cool.” Smart watches are still birthing and there are a lot of positive developments possible on the anvil. Smart watches may seem to […]

HTC One Vs iPhone 5: Comparison Begins!

The latest android flagship smartphone from HTC is named as “One”. Yes, the only One this time no further character. As always the design is the key of the device and it looks really stunning. HTC has created the body of the device with all aluminium and the display is perfectly fixed into the body. It is […]

The SmartWatch Battle: What does Apple, Google, and Samsung Smart watches means

Every day, new trends surfaces in the technology sphere all because of recent technological changes that we have been experiencing for long. Some of the top ranking technology giants do not want to be left behind in the race, that’s why they kept on introducing new ideas and invent new products regularly. Of recent, I […]

7 inch Tablet Sales Increased Significantly

7 Inch Tablets Rocks! 7 inch tablets market sales are on the increase if the reports from analysts is anything to go by. Some market analysts are predicting significant growth in upcoming shipments of smart tablets during year. According to the recent analysis conducted this year, between 170 to 180 million of tablets are expected […]

Discovery: 8-character OS X bug crashes almost any Mac app

Apple always tries to avoid massive bugs in its software, but still, bugs still exist. A new fatal OS X bug has just being discovered. Over the week, some developers were posting on OpenRadar, and noticed a fatal bug capable of crumbling almost anything on Mac application by just typing an 8-character code, will cause […]

Who’s got the edge – Samsung, Apple or Lenovo?

As you hold in your hands any of the gadgets from these three technological giants, you wouldn’t quite perceive who’s got the best in terms of information processing capacity, memory and display because all three carries excellent processing, superb memory and sleek display. And what may be admirable for one person may not be so […]

Apple Senior Vice President rejects cheap iPhone rumors

Recently was a rumor all  over the  net talking about Apple low end cheap iPhone to release before the end of 2013. Senior Vice President of Apple Phil Schiller has spoken about this issue. At the beginning of this week was a report on Wall Street Journal talking about Apple in progress making a cheap iPhone […]

Apple to produce low end cheap iPhone, cost to be around $150

Ever since Apple launched its product, most of them can only be acquired by the top class and few in the middle class. Others have to save up part of their wages in order to be able to buy any Apple device. This time, it seems Apple is cooking something up for the low end […]