10 Great Sites to Make Cartoon of Yourself under 5 seconds

You would have seen some of your friends in various social networking sites, having their cartoon-ed pictures as their DP. You would have wondered lately how to create such interesting pictures of yourself too. That doesn’t require you to learn tricky Photoshop tutorials. You can Cartoonize yourself easily in the web. There are many sites available online that lets you create cartoons that […]

YoungPrePro.com – The Best Writing Blog on the Internet

YoungPrePro blog, now Writers In Charge, is one of Techatlast Contest sponsors. They engage in creative content creation services. When it comes to the internet, everything that surrounds it is one single word “content”. If you don’t write good contents on your website, chances are that you might lose large percentage of your efforts into […]

Bamidele Onibalusi of WritersInCharge is a Big Spender! See why

This is a short article about my millionaire blogger friend that makes a money round the clock just by writing. His name is Bamidele Onibalusi. He’s the brain behind the popular YoungPrePro.com, which has now been re-branded as WritersInCharge – a blog that focuses on helping writers across the world achieve success online with their […]