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  • The Evolution of Mobile Data Collection Solutions on Business Growth [Infographic]

    Discover how your organization can use mobile technology to boost the effectiveness of your data collection methods in 2020. As we enter a new year and a new decade, now is the ideal time to upgrade your organization’s data collection methods. Due to the evolution of mobile data collection technologies, there has never been a […]

  • Data Science – 6 Pointers on How Web Developers Can Leverage Data Analytics to Solve Problems

    In its simplest definition, data science is a method used to solve complex problems. This often involves a multidisciplinary blend of information extraction, data inference, program development, and application of technology. In its technical description, data science is the practice of learning, mining, storing, moving and using data that comes in different forms. This includes […]

  • How Fintech Companies Can Leverage Big Data Analytics

    The entire financial service industry has been taking advantage of big data for some years now. Technological advancement is really changing how people handle transactions. Fintech basically comprises of companies that maximize the latest technology to boost their financial systems. Top financial companies and brick-and-mortar banks are enjoying the wide range of solutions that it […]