How Cryptocurrencies Can Make The World a Better Place

There are many pointers to the emergence of new world order as cryptocurrencies disrupt the way we live. From money transfers to online gaming, database management to healthcare, blogging to video marketing, cryptocurrencies are becoming the ground norm. When Dogecoin emerged a few years ago, it was a leisure coin that quickly earned the moniker […]

Should Bitcoin Really Be The Blockchain Standard-Bearer?

With so much hype surrounding Bitcoin and Blockchain, it can be challenging to separate fact from a flaw. You might think of Bitcoin and blockchain as two halves of a whole, but in reality, they are very distinct commodities. Which begs the question: should Bitcoin be the blockchain standard-bearer? Perhaps one of the simplest ways […]

How is Disruptive Blockchain Technology Reshaping the Legal Industry?

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing various industries and businesses, and legal industry is one of them. It is enticing legal businesses with different characteristics, especially with the feature of securing information in an encrypted and transparent ledger. Disruptive Blockchain Technology Is Reshaping the Legal Industry Blockchain technology is termed as a digitized, decentralized and public ledger […]

How Blockchain Technology Works in Layman’s English – Infographic

Do You Know How Blockchain Technology Works? If you haven’t been living on Mars, you surely would have come across the word “blockchain technology” at least once. Agreeably, you are not so techie-minded, I will take it like that – but you must have heard about cryptocurrency, or about some of its babies such as […]

Blockchain Revolution – Is Blockchain Technology Really Dangerous?

Vlad Zamfir who is one of the founders of Ethereum and its lead developer has recently published an article titled: “Blockchains Considered (Potentially) Harmful”. I believe that the potential dangers of the blockchain, outlined in Vlad Zamfir’s article are exaggerated and contradictory. I’ll try to provide a different point of view, different from the opinion […]

Bartini Aerotaxi: Man’s Wheels In the Air while onboard Blockchain Taxi!

Russian based distruptive tech-startup, Bartini, is planning to disrupt the air space transport system by showcasing the prototype of its groundbreaking flying Blockchain-powered AeroTaxi project to the residents of Skolkovo, in Russia. About a hundred years ago, mankind took to the skies, with the Wright brothers blazing the trail in early aviation technologies as opportunities […]