How Will Digital Transformation Evolve The Blockchain Practices in 2024

The need for digital transformation is becoming significant in every industry. If we talk about the future of digital businesses, we cannot keep blockchain out of it. Blockchain represents a foundation for the future of digital business and disruptive innovation. As adoption increases, blockchain practices continue to evolve in tandem with wider technological shifts. Here […]

Why the Auto Transport Industry is so Excited About Blockchain

Blockchain is an open-source decentralised public ledger of transactions from start to finish. Anyone can contribute to it by adding new blocks to it; this decentralisation ensures that no single entity controls the system and that changes can be reviewed and approved by consensus before they are included in the final block.

5 New Blockchain Products for 2021 You Urgently Need to Know About

These are the new blockchain products you need to know about in 2021. Blockchain development specialists from ‘hack’, have revealed the up-and-comers in everything crypto that you need to keep your eyes peeled for in 2021. Blockchain consultants are the first port of call for many new arrivals to the blockchain world, who utilize hack […]

Post-COVID-19 Solution: How to Start Accepting Crypto Payments

A mini-guide for entrepreneurs in preparation for the Post-COVID-19 era where accepting crypto payments (cryptocurrency payments) will soon become the norm, and the future of online payments, written in partnership with TechAtLast by the PARSIQ team. Do not wait for your customers to ask when you will start accepting cryptocurrencies. There are many advantages that […]

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Here Are The Basics You Need To Know

In a world where public and private ways of living are two options, you have to choose from, blockchain technology comes in handy in balancing the equation. Blockchain technology is one of the hottest trends in the world today, especially with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being implemented recently.  The crypto industry is seamlessly […]

Emerging Blockchain Trends To Look In 2020, 5 Reasons Why Blockchain Is Trending

If you are on this page, you already know what is blockchain and why it’s this important. If you happen to know little about this technology, let us explain. It is an innovative technology where each transaction made with blockchain is recorded in a ledger as and when made without actually naming or even giving […]

The Impact of Blockchain on the Mobile Application Market: An Infographic

Imagine a world in which applications on your mobile device are secured and connected to each other through an immutable and transparent ledger. This is the world of blockchain and mobile application markets. With the rising popularity of mobile applications, blockchain technology has become an integral part of the mobile application market. Blockchain technology has […]

Leveraging Blockchain Technology: How Blockchain Helps to Enhance Data

Leveraging blockchain technology has become the best way to ensure data processing services quality. The way blockchains share information sets it apart. A blockchain is a modern form of technology where several computers are linked together, and data is stored equally across all of these computers. Leveraging blockchain technology has become the best way to […]

IEO vs ICOs: Initial Exchange Offerings Are Booming, Here’s Why?

Over the last several months, IEOs or simply put Initial Exchange Offerings have come onto the fundraising scene, and they have significant improvements over traditional ICOs. This innovation has allowed crypto startups to conduct their fundraising without any fear of the law or authorities.  From this article, you’ll find out: What an IEO is and what […]

Trust Issues: Tearing Down the Silos in Blockchain-Based Systems

Blockchain-based systems have been continuing to progress nowadays. As of now, there are already more than 100 blockchain platforms across the world, just only a year after this kind of system became a hit. In fact, Bitcoin, one of the most successful and renowned cryptocurrencies, has recently generated $882 million net revenue. But similar to […]