How to Add Value to Your Business with Effective Video Testimonials

We are in an age where content is dominating the digital marketing world. You need to create content that lures the interest of your potential customers without being too contrived. Customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing strategy in the digital marketing landscape. It is no surprise that people expect evidence to believe […]

The Good Ways to Design Your Own Corporate Logo

In most cases, creating your own logo is at the very beginning of a start-up. In order to establish a corporate identity, the choice of the appropriate corporate logo is of crucial importance. On the one hand, this should represent the company and, ideally, should ensure that the target group is recognizable. The decision as […]

4 Ways Through Which Social Media Could Help Grow Your Brand

There are over 3.4 billion social media users who are divided across multiple social media platforms. The high interest in the platform offers marketers the ability to reach large audiences, which could help increase brand awareness and help you achieve some brand social media marketing goals. You need to set up a brand social media […]

8 Effective Branding Design Principles You Should Know About

A branding design consists of the physical attributes and symbolic elements that build a brand. In other words, it comes in visual presentation and makes the products and services appealing to the customers. In designing a brand, you should pinpoint every detail to come up with a unique design. It should contain a sense of […]

Company Logo 101: 10 Hacks for Creating a Successful Company Logo

Producing an eye catching, instantly recognisable logo is the key to a successful brand. The identity of a brand can be built solely on its logo. What do you think are the best practices for designing a winning company brand identity? Here are the key points to follow when designing your company logo. 10 Best […]