Excess Screen Time: 4 Dangers of Excess Screen-time for Children

Today’s young generation has grown up in an already technology-saturated world. Children will never know a world without smartphones, tablets or the Internet since these devices are now an integral part of our daily life.  While technology can be fantastic for kids to aid them in their play and growth, it does mean parents today […]

How to Keep your Children Safe while Surfing Online

The  world wide web (internet) opens-up a world of possibilities for you and for your children to learn and play together. There are hundreds and thousands of child-friendly sites that will teach them lots of new things and keep them entertained for hours, but as with most things you need to keep an eye on […]

Children Will Experience More Wrist and Finger Pain With Gaming Devices

Children will experience wrist and finger pain when using mobile gaming devices, reports suggested. The trends in the computer gaming and mobile apps is on the rise everyday. Statistics show it that more children will continue to buy one or two mobile and computer gaming applications often and often if proper care isn’t taken to […]