Enhancing Security With Automation in the Cloud

Securing access to cloud-based resources is critical for any organization. As more companies migrate their business operations to the cloud, they must look for ways to protect sensitive data and processes while ensuring the system’s smooth operation.  Automation in the cloud provides an effective and efficient way to enhance security with improved visibility, enhanced control, […]

Microsoft Azure Vs Google Cloud – Comparison of two best cloud service

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are two of the pioneers in the distributed computing market. On the off chance that you are thinking about moving to Google Cloud or Azure, or exchanging suppliers, it is critical to comprehend what every condition is offering regarding capacity, registering abilities and estimating options. In this post, we’ll audit […]

Top 6 Cloud Services Providers to Scale Your Small Business

Cloud computing entails delivery of servers, storage, databases, networking, software,  analytics, intelligence, and moreover the internet. When it comes to cloud services, companies are typically required to pay only for the services used and rest is taken care of by the server. On top of that, the operating costs are lower and the infrastructure runs […]

Carbon-Based Computing: 4 Exciting Developments in Organic Electronics

Under the electronics enclosures of nearly any electronic device of the last century, you’ll find semiconductors made from silicon and other inorganic materials. These reliable technologies have been the industry standard for decades. In recent years, however, research into organic semiconductors has spurred a new era of carbon-based technology featuring innovations mimicking the processes that […]

The Top 10 Cloud Myths to Watchout for in 2019

Cloud computing has become a mainstay over the past decade, as more and more businesses have adopted it. However, despite this fact, there are a great many cloud myths surrounding its actual value. Whether it involves cost efficiency or security issues, these cloud myths serve no real purpose but to distract us from moving forward. […]

Cloud Hosting: Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Start-ups and SMEs

Cloud hosting is one of the best inventions in the IT field that has helped global businesses in a great way. Though it has helped various businesses including both big and small sector it is the Start-ups and SME sectors that have been experiencing the maximum benefits. Right from enhancing business productivity to reducing the […]

Use of Cloud is Growing With Cloud Security Concerns

As companies moved to the cloud to simplify their IT management, including improving security, they’re learning that it’s not as simple as “shift applications to the cloud and watch the magic happen.” It’s not that most organizations see it that way, but that is how it is when the companies feel it one way to […]

8 Common Enterprise Cloud Computing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Enterprise cloud computing has become increasingly popular and necessary for companies and its time your company adopt it as well. But why is it that more than 80 % of the businesses are opting for cloud computing? Well the answer is simple. Cloud Computing can be used to store confidential data and also operate major […]

Does a Business Require Cloud Services? The Answer May Change Your Perception!

A number of startup is coming up with innovative ideas these days. There’re different types of business which are thriving these days and to run a successful business it is important to put the various services for business management to use and reap the maximum benefits out of them. Every business has a certain amount […]