How to Recycle Your Old Laptop and Other Common Tech Gadgets

Recycling old laptops or tech gadgets used to be almost impossible. You brought them to the dump and tossed everything into a giant bin, without ever really knowing what happened from there. In all honesty, most of what you ‘recycled’ was probably just tossed in a landfill. The other option was for your outdated devices […]

Tacit Blind – Glove Gives Blind People Hope by Navigating Using Sonar

Have you ever live around someone who’s blind? If yes, you can imagine how life will be for people that are unable to see things clearly. Blind People do suffer a lot! But, if there’s a gadget in place which those people can be using to make them see things better, you know that they will certainly […]

AV Guard Online Removal Solution Explained

AV Guard Online can be a real pain. AV Guard Online is a dangerous new scareware app that is slowing down many computers. If your laptop has become compromised by it it is recommended that you act now to get rid of this dangerous malware app. Searching for where to begin on finally solving your […]