Post-COVID-19 Solution: How to Start Accepting Crypto Payments

A mini-guide for entrepreneurs in preparation for the Post-COVID-19 era where accepting crypto payments (cryptocurrency payments) will soon become the norm, and the future of online payments, written in partnership with TechAtLast by the PARSIQ team. Do not wait for your customers to ask when you will start accepting cryptocurrencies. There are many advantages that […]

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Here Are The Basics You Need To Know

In a world where public and private ways of living are two options, you have to choose from, blockchain technology comes in handy in balancing the equation. Blockchain technology is one of the hottest trends in the world today, especially with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being implemented recently.  The crypto industry is seamlessly […]

How Will Cryptocurrencies Transform the Online Retail Marketplace?

Cryptocurrencies were relatively unknown by the general public until recently. While originally designed for use within the financial sector, this interesting digital asset is now entering into mainstream use. In fact, it is estimated that approximately five per cent of all consumers currently hold some type of cryptocurrency within their portfolios. It therefore makes perfect […]

Cryptocurrency: Top 8 Women In Cryptocurrency Industry

If you look at the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies – the blockchain, you will be convinced of its much wider applications than providing a basis for cryptocurrencies. This revolutionary technology is one of the important aspects behind cryptocurrencies’ rise. If any of the above real world, national or regional currencies starts losing its value or […]

How Cryptocurrencies Can Make The World a Better Place

There are many pointers to the emergence of new world order as cryptocurrencies disrupt the way we live. From money transfers to online gaming, database management to healthcare, blogging to video marketing, cryptocurrencies are becoming the ground norm. When Dogecoin emerged a few years ago, it was a leisure coin that quickly earned the moniker […]

Which cryptocurrency should I choose to invest in for a bright future?

What Is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is designed to be anonymous, it’s secure and designed to be very lucrative. Cryptocurrency is actually considered to be a form of digital currency, but there are many important kinds of this currency you should be aware of because they each have their own environment of […]

Rothschild Investment Corporation takes a slice of the bitcoin pie

The digital currency, bitcoin has gained another major victory, And overall digital currency continues to grow in leaps and bounds. More and more credible sources seem to be accepting the usefulness and functionality of the currency. This has resulted in turn in an increased purchase of bitcoins and shares in bitcoin holding and trading companies. […]

Bartini Aerotaxi: Man’s Wheels In the Air while onboard Blockchain Taxi!

Russian based distruptive tech-startup, Bartini, is planning to disrupt the air space transport system by showcasing the prototype of its groundbreaking flying Blockchain-powered AeroTaxi project to the residents of Skolkovo, in Russia. About a hundred years ago, mankind took to the skies, with the Wright brothers blazing the trail in early aviation technologies as opportunities […]