7 Ways to Nurture Customer Loyalty with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using artificial intelligence (AI) can help you offer personalized experiences to your customers and potential buyers. But did you know that it can help you build customer loyalty? Here is how: Grand View Research, Inc. predicted that the global artificial intelligence (AI) market size will grow to $390.9 billion by 2025. Why will this market […]

CRM Software – 5 Essential Features of An Effective Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software adds advanced features to help small and mid-sized businesses increase sales. But what are the essential features of an effective customer relationship management software?  Customer relationship management systems are designed to automate the collection and analysis of data on different market actors (such as customers, partners, competitors, contact persons). It helps companies to […]

The Super-Charging Power of AI in Customer Service Industry

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere today. We interact with it every day, sometimes without even knowing it. Plus, it is getting better and smarter every day. The world is moving from simple mindless chatbots to being more accepting of the notion of AI and what it means. Today, app development companies are integrating AI with their […]

5 Strategies to Create Powerful Omnichannel Customer Service in Your Business

The quality or standard of customer service can make or break a business. Since the internet has put a vast wealth of information and access to nearly anything in the hands of anyone with a connected device, people have enhanced their expectations of customer service. They want help, and they’re impatient. Omnichannel customer service allows […]

6 Phone Etiquette Tips for Tech Start-Ups Growth Hacking

The best tech startups can founder over their inability to properly use an old technology — the phone. All of the best programming and hardware acumen in the world will fail to save a company that can’t deal professionally with people on the phone, whether soliciting a customer or returning a call. People would still […]

Customer Experience – How Improved Customer Payment Experiences Impact Your Bottom Line

Customer experience is key to promoting purchases at both online and brick-and-mortar shops. However, even the best customer experience while shopping can be ruined due to a deficient payment process. Studies have shown that inefficient payment processes cause shopping cart abandonment both online and off.  The global online shopping cart abandonment rate in Q1 2016 […]

High-Quality Customer Support Requires More Than Text Chat

Ever wondering how you can improve your business and attract more sales? This article talks about how to get good and high-quality customer support systems in place to tackle customer support challenges that businesses face daily. Live chat is one of the valuable tools companies incorporate into their online sales efforts. Customer service representatives use […]