Hack: How IDP Can Automate Manual Maker-checker Process In Document

How IDP can automate manual maker-checker process in document-heavy back end operations How intelligent Document Processing Can Automate Manual Maker-checker Process In Document Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has been widely used in the last few years to automate various back-end processes in Banking, Insurance, E-commerce, Healthcare, etc. Right from simple KYC documents to complex unstructured […]

What Would the World Be Like If Data Wrangling Didn’t Exist?

Introduction What is Data Wrangling? Principles of Data Wrangling How Would Have Been To The World If The Data Wrangling Process Didn’t Exist At All? 6 Steps of Holistic Data Wrangling 5 Smart Tips for Effective Data Wrangling A Few Questions To Warp Off Your Wrangling Process Introduction to Data wrangling What would our world […]

The Proliferation of Chinese Apps as Tools of Surveillance

China may not be part of the Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes Alliances, but it has one of the most advanced mass surveillance and censorship systems. Software and hardware developed in China often pose the threat of monitoring and recording the data of its users – that is why the US government is wary of […]

Leveraging Blockchain Technology: How Blockchain Helps to Enhance Data

Leveraging blockchain technology has become the best way to ensure data processing services quality. The way blockchains share information sets it apart. A blockchain is a modern form of technology where several computers are linked together, and data is stored equally across all of these computers. Leveraging blockchain technology has become the best way to […]

JPG To Word Conversion: Why Converting a JPG Image to Word Document?

JPG to word document conversion, is it really possible?¬†Yes! In case you ever need to convert a JPEG image into a word document without necessarily going through the hectic data entry process, then you need to know that there are now plenty of software available that can perform this task. However getting a reliable software […]