The 10 Best Trading Computers and Laptops for 2020

Gone are the days when companies used to have to install computers that took up an entire wall, or multiple walls depending on the business. For currency traders, this could mean rooms upon rooms of giant computing machines. Well, not much has changed. Although the size of computers has gotten incredibly smaller, if you’re trading […]

Apple new iMac arrives; thinner, faster, and stronger.

The Apple event on October 23 featured not only the iPad mini, but also another amazing flat desktop which Apple tagged iMac. Two models of this iMac were showcased by Apple and the two models also has two different variants, making a total of four iMac product being announced. The first is the 21.5 inch, […]

Why I Have Ditched My Laptop for Tablets – True Life Story

It was 2 a.m., and it felt as though my heart had skipped a beat. I had heard the crashing sound, and knew it could be only one thing. My laptop had fallen. It wasn’t far, just from the height of my desk chair. But there’s a certain amount of anxiety when harm comes to […]