AI Disruption: 5 examples where AI still shows itself 

When people hear the words “artificial intelligence” or “AI”, they usually think about something fantastic, but not many are aware of its usage. In fact, it has been used in our life for many years and had a major impact on it. AI, of course, is present in our online and any other digital activity. […]

10 Industries That Blockchain Disruptions Will Radically Transform

Blockchain is a disruptive technology. In fact, the name comes from its ability to decentralize, secure, incentivize and digitize the validation of transactions. A vast majority of industries are already looking into the possibilities of blockchain to see whether or not it can make a strategic difference in the traditional way they do business. Soon-to-be […]

5 Trends Disrupting the Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications companies are some of the largest organizations in the world. They do something remarkable and important – connecting people living in distant locations. Communication is an extremely crucial aspect to our daily lives that many people take for granted. Imagine how different things would be if all cell phones and Internet connections just stopped […]

Africa’s Tech Adoption – 8 Influencers of Africa’s Budding Technology Market

In the time of technological advancements and disruptions shaping how our world operates, Africa’s tech adoption has always been a concern for investors. But recently, the storyline is gradually changing, we are now having a new narrative regarding Africa’s tech involvement. Africa has been riddled with poverty, war, and diseases and this has had adverse […]