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  • Learning New Skills: How to Tackle Challenges of Learning New Skills in Your Field

    The world is constantly changing with a need to learn new skills on a daily basis. In school, teachers would oversee students’ education thanks to homework, tests, and assignments. Outside of the school system, learning about a new subject or product requires time and work. By learning new things, we are constantly challenging our brains […]

  • Importance of Crowdsourcing on Energy Saving Ideas for Your Enterprise

    Sustainability once thought of being an exclusive for the “tree-hugger” corporate types has now become an integral part of corporate philosophy every business. The change in outlook is in part due to a new crop of organizational leaders who understand the effect of human activity on the environment and the importance of mitigation initiatives. However, […]

  • Stress Management 101 – Effective Ways to Beat Stress in the 21st Century

    Approximately 75 percent of American adults experience moderate to high levels of stress, according to a January 2017 report from the American Psychological Association. The study also reports that 31 percent of these adults say that their stress levels have increased in the past year. Causes of stress vary depending on the age group, but […]

  • How to Follow Your Passion without Quitting Your Day Job

    At the outset, let’s state this fact clearly. Quitting your day job to follow your passion is easy. However, following through comfortably with what you love to do while sustaining yourself enough to live a good life is definitely not. Even though you see people handing in their resignation letters every day to follow their […]

  • Tablet Accessories by the Numbers – Secret Ingredients To Adding Value To Your Device

    Looking for fantastic tablet accessories to beautiful and fine-tune your prized-asset? Tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad and Microsoft Surface are now quite popular. If you have a tablet or smartphone, there are plenty of accessories that you can buy for it. Today, we are going to explain why tablet accessories are the secret ingredient […]

  • 6 Phone Etiquette Tips for Tech Start-Ups Growth Hacking

    The best tech startups can founder over their inability to properly use an old technology — the phone. All of the best programming and hardware acumen in the world will fail to save a company that can’t deal professionally with people on the phone, whether soliciting a customer or returning a call. People would still […]

  • Using strategy and measurement to break the barriers to internal communications [Infographic] 

    Effective employee communication is an essential ingredients to growth. It essential to your employees, to your managers and to your shareholders. In a survey carried-out by the Hay Group, it revealed; “that companies with highest level of engaged employees generate 50% more in returns for stakeholders and investors than their competitors.” Effective communication in a business place and the financial performance […]

  • What Makes a Quality Tag? Understand this to Position Your Business for a “Well-Deserved-Attention”

    In today’s crowded online environment it is rather difficult to get your five minutes of fame, even when you have the most amazing content there is. This is one area where we can easily apply George Barkley’s saying “To be is to be perceived”, because when no one is seeing you on the web, you […]

  • Keeping Engineers from Getting Lost in Translation

    The design of new products is a very intensive field. The people involved in these complex projects must have a laser focus that excludes most of what’s going on around them. As a result, they often work in a sort of communication vacuum, coming up with their own systems that are unique to a very […]

  • Colocation rocks, here are things you should know about it

    A quality colocation facility is equipped with specific features designed for housing servers and related IT equipment. A business purchases its own IT equipment, and then installs it in a colocation facility. Once the equipment is installed, the business then relies on the colocation provider to provide general items like power, cooling and Internet connection. […]