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  • Is Facial Recognition Technology Ethical?

    Facial recognition technology (FRT) continues to receive a tentative rollout. This is as different sectors continue to deploy facial scan devices in their different work stations. While some countries only use facial recognition technology as a security measure during high-profile events, others seem to have accepted its use across all sectors. You will find that […]

  • How Facebook Photo Tagging Works [Infographic]

    The Facebook photo tagging features is one of the popular product that facebook have for most of its users on its platform. It works in such a way that it can identify people’s face and help other users to tag the person when uploading picture to facebook and this will make the picture to go […]

  • Online Security: Best Way To Disable Facebook Face Recognition

    Facebook, the number one online social networking site on the web as at the writing of this post has grown to the stage of taking action on its user’s account without informing them about the move. I don’t know maybe because of its popularity or what make the Mark Zuckerbarg team to think that until […]