3 Helpful Alternatives to Apple Maps You Can’t Afford Not To Use

Apple Maps Alternatives - 3 Helpful Alternatives That Are Talk of The Town in GPS Navigation

If you’re an iPhone user, it’s likely that you routinely use Apple Maps as a navigation tool. For many people, however, new updates to Apple Maps have made the app less user friendly, leaving many searching for helpful Apple Maps alternatives. Whether you’re taking a road trip to ThriveMD for a procedure or just need […]

Google Maps for iOS Devices Crosses 10 Millions Downloads in 48 Hours

Apple’s operating system is perfect in every aspect, but it lacks some good features as well. If you are an iOS user, then you might be in the queue of people who hate the Apple Maps. Apple Maps is considered as one of the worst tech failures of this year. These Maps gave wrong directions […]

Instant Google Street view, a new innovative service to expect from Google

Google is an household name, when you hear, ‘Search,’ thinks about Google, the history is going from online to offline reality, Google started to help you navigate and fish out hidden information you may be seeking online, such as books, journals, write ups, and pictures as the case may be, but now, Google is able […]

Google Inc finishing up Google Maps app for Apple

As the iOS 6 was about debuting, the most prominent of the rumors then was that Apple had excluded the Google Maps from its iOS platform. Truly when the iOS 6 came with the iPhone 5, the Google Maps was missing and it was replaced with the Apple Maps. Unfortunately for Apple, the new maps […]

Google Maps Launches Helicopter View of Your Area

Google has just added a 3D aerial route preview feature to its google maps product. With this new feature, Google Maps users can now fly alongside routes to get a birds eye view of location (directions) while planning road trips, hiking trips, biking excursions or the normal city commutes. The new Google Map 3D preview option […]