7 Social Media Strategies to Maximize your Brand’s Awareness

With business companies turning to SEO agencies to handle all matters concerning social media, it’s safe to say that SEO agencies have upped their game. With temperatures on the rise, it’s easy for a recent hot Internet trend to soon seem outdated. Companies are now turning to social media to help provide that extra, refreshing […]

Is Social Media Ruining Science Journalism?

Science and technology are areas that have always had the ability to draw public interest – when something exciting has happened. We all look on in excitement at the New Horizons pictures of Pluto, or read with interest when a new medical advancement has been made. However, a lot of the time, the work carried […]

Is Bebuzee the Social Network we have been waiting for?

Bebuzee is a new social network, Launched 1st of July 2014 and in its early days it claims to have surpasses 5 million registered users at such an early stage. Going through the website I can recognise it functions smoothly and has many traits Social Media users recognise. Friends are called networks, status updates, uploading […]

A Brand New Social Media that pay its users

Bebuzee is a brand new social network. With no disrespect to any rivals including the newly trending social sites, it is believed that Bebuzee will compete if not better all major social networks in the world, including the likes of Facebook and Twitter.   Bebuzee is a modern,fun-filled social network, founded and engineered by a […]

Earning a Living through Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

Social Media has only really been in our lives for a short ten years. LinkedIn launched in 2003 for business professionals, Facebook in 2004 for college students and Twitter just slightly later in 2006. More networks have emerged and we see a regular line of social network icons wherever we turn. We connect with our […]

JUST 5 Steps to Create Social Media Icons & Share Counter with CSS3

Social networking hubs like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and many more has emerged as the most successful approach to promote a content or service. Every internet user wants to follow his beloved Brands, Authors and idols. Social networking websites helps the end users to connect with their favorite web pages and share the liking with their […]

Google+ Communities: A New Feature in Google+ Platform

Google+ Communities Launched It’s been quite long that Google+ stepped into the social networking with Google+, with the hope to replace the Facebook as the best social networking website. Well, though the things have not gone in the way Google expected them to be, but still this social networking website has got good user base […]

New Google+ Timeline Design – Google Finally Launched Timeline Style Design

Welcome Google+ Timeline! Google has just launched its own version of Facebook Timeline! Good news for all Google plus users because Google is becoming interesting more than how it has been before. The earlier design of Google plus has some similarities with several other social networks but this new one is totally different because, it […]

How to Auto-Share Posts on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously

How to Share Google Plus Posts to Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously – Automate Google+, Facebook and Twitter easily. Folks are you ready to do something new this season? Social media marketing is taking another turn and we need to make sure that we change so that we aren’t left behind. Few years ago, Google announced that […]

New Naming Policy for Google+ – Nicknames now allowed

Few days ago, the Vice President of Google+, Bradley Horowitz, wrote and posted an article on his profile naming it “Toward a more inclusive naming policy for Google+In the article he said and we quote: “When we analyze the set of all name appeals on Google+, we find that they generally fall into three major categories: […]