HTC Desire HD Desktop Sync And Charge Cradle

If it happens that you have an HTC Desire HD phone, chances are that you won’t be looking away from some of the useful accessories that were available for the phone. In the market, there are several accessiries for the HTC Desire HD filed under different categories; Cases, Bluetooth speakers, Wired speakers, Bluetooth headsets, and […]

Mobile Phone Companies Respond to Carrier IQ Controversial Tracking Issues

For the past few weeks now, the privacy concerns surrounding a piece of software that is installed on millions of mobile phones that allegedly logs location data and keystrokes including some other useful information. Now, most phone companies that were alleged to be using that software in their phones are finally responding to the claims […]

HTC Radar Review, Price and Specifications

HTC Radar smartphone is an easy to use phone that makes everything easier for you as the user. With its people hub, you can keep all your contacts and social networks in one single place so that you can easily follow them and get connected to them whenever you wanted to. It comes with a […]

Android vs iPhone – What Will It Take for Android to Beat iPhone?

The Android vs iPhone War? Since its release, the iPhone has been the leader of the smartphone world. Blackberry is a thing of the past, whose name is spoken only in hushed whispers by an embarrassed few devoted followers. Yet, in the past year and a half, the Google Android smartphones have been gaining ground. […]

HTC Edge Could Be the World’s First Quad-Core Smartphone

Just when many people are becoming more familiar with dual-core smartphones, another good news just surfaced, and that good news is the new quad-core smartphone, the HTC Edge. Whether it is the number one quad-core smartphone or not, the fact still remain that this phone is a hit due to the advanced technology that will […]

HTC Flyer Back on Best Buy USA for $299

HTC Flyer is for sale at a reduced rate, $99 as a discount prize. Though, it a mistake for BestBuy USA to list the product on its platform for people to get it for that staggering amount ($99 at Best Buy USA in was in error). Immediately customers started noticing the reduction in the price […]

Microsoft Make More Money From Android Phone Than Windows Mobile Phone

The report from The Citi analyst Walter Pritchard informs the public from his research that, it shows that Microsoft Inc. may be making more money from the Google’ Android based operating system phone than from the Microsoft’s own model (Windows mobile platform based operating system). Pritchard continues that Microsoft makes five times of what they’re […]