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  • Apple iOS 5 – Top 5 New iOS 5 Features

    The long awaited new version iOS 5 is now a reality! Apple released the 5th update of its operation system. The new iOS 5, which can be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, comes with its new features and they make it as unique and handy as possible. Although the new features added to […]

  • How to Upgrade to iOS 5 Now – Step by Step Guide

    You  may have been aiming of laying your hands on the iPhone 5 once the phone is finally released. Though, the normal Oct 4 date rumored release date was not as many talked about it, so you’ll need to wait more time for the next release date of Apple iPhone 5 device. But, before the […]

  • Live Broadcast – Apple iPhone 5 'Let's Talk iPhone' event in Cupertino!

    If you want to know some of the latest features and happenings of the iOS5 at the WDDC event in Cupertino, Calif.  Majority of the event was captured live for the online world by Engadget.com and some of the cool photos and cool information are shared in some of the nice slides below. Images and […]

  • Top iPhone 5 features

    Top iPhone 5 Features The new iPhone 5 is no more a rumor again because the phone in couple of hours now will be officially announced by Tim Cook at the WDDC today. To help you have the idea of what you are going to get from buying the device, I have compile the lists […]

  • Apple's iPhone 5 Event – 5 Things to Watch out for

    Since the new iPhone 5 device is now officially announced to be made available for people to start buying it in couples of hours to come, billions of people worldwide (or even trillions) are now gearing up to purchase their own version of the phone. People, normally, many of them do not know some of […]