ipad 3

iPad 3: Everything We Think We Know

It is yet another year full of excitement for all Apple product users.  This is the time when we’re expecting the release of the iPad 3. Though, it is still iPad 3 rumours that clogging up our lives but,...

iPad 3 & iPad 4 – Third Generation and Fourth Generation iPads To Make Their Debut in 2012

iPad 3 & iPad 4 coming to Market in 2012 Sources close to Apple Inc suggest that the year 2012 might witness the launch of 2 new variants of iPads with a back-to-back release in 4 months. The 3rdgeneration iPad...

Apple to Launch iPad 3 on 24th February

The 3rd generation of iPad, known as iPad 3 will soon be launched and it is believed to be next year Feb. 24. Recently It was believed before that Apple iPad 3 was said will be available in March 2012...
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