Tablets vs iPads: let’s be honest and answer these three questions

Tablets were on the market for decades before their popularity exploded. What was the reason? Apple, of course. When Apple unveiled the iPad it changed the way we use the internet, the way we shop online and our behaviours as users too. It also meant that it was only a matter of time before a […]

iPhone 6, iOS 8 and Dr. Dre Beats to unveil at the Apple WWDC 2014

iPhone 6, iOS8 and Dr. Dre Beats to Debuts at Apple WWDC 2014 The month has been so busy for Apple; the 8GB version of iPhone 5C was released to market across the globe to strengthening Apple penetration into different economies. Discussions about expectations on Apple Store trade-ins including the iMessage bugs alongside the moves […]

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad

Music is a part of everyone’s life and makes all of us feel delight. It gives enjoyment beyond any barriers of language and is universal. That is why loads of gadgets come with options for listening to music and to make the music lover in you satiated. Here are the 10 best music apps for […]

How to Land A Job Straight From Your iPad!

A leading VoIP provider in the United States surveyed hundreds of small businesses to measure mobile device adoption and cloud service usage among today’s businesses. Tablet adoption among businesses has increased to 62% from just 28% two years ago, says RingCentral. Interestingly, cloud app popularity in the business community paralleled the unprecedented mobile gadget usage […]

iPhone 5 and iPad mini will land in China this December

When it comes to product consumption, China is one of the major markets that should not be taken with levity, the market there alone covers some other markets combined together, that is why, manufacturers do not take the China market for a joke. The Apple iPhone 5 and iPad mini were released on different dates, […]

iPad loosing tablet market share to Android Tablets

Android based tablets gaining huge market share at the expense of the Apple iPad. This report didn’t came as a surprise to me seeing android based tablets gaining more of the tablet market share at the expense of the much anticipated Apple iPad! Why did I said that, you asked that right? The answer is […]

iPad 3: Everything We Think We Know

It is yet another year full of excitement for all Apple product users.  This is the time when we’re expecting the release of the iPad 3. Though, it is still iPad 3 rumours that clogging up our lives but, what should we be expecting with the next generation of iPads? I have here quick guide […]