Apple Removes Fake Jailbreak App from App Store

Apple has removed the fake jailbreak app which was being sold for $9.99 at the App Store. If you really see the app, you will think it is truly a nice app that was made for the task and signed by Apple but it was a game. The app is not a real “Jailbreak” app […]

3 Reasons Jail Breaking Can Cause iPhone Problem

Jailbreak is term used for iPhone and smart phones when it comes to resetting the phone and breaking it in order to be able to use some other apps on it, different from the one from the App store. Jail breaking is the act of restoring back the application settings of your iPhone mobile from […]

Jailbreak iPhone 4 – Simple Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 4

How To Unlock iPhone 4- The Simple Approach to Jailbreak iPhone 4 Most of iPhone 4 users that have upgrade their mobile device to the latest iOS 4.3.3 version, that are looking for ways they can use to unlock it to be able to use some applications on it instead from the one that available […]