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  • How to Follow Your Passion without Quitting Your Day Job

    At the outset, let’s state this fact clearly. Quitting your day job to follow your passion is easy. However, following through comfortably with what you love to do while sustaining yourself enough to live a good life is definitely not. Even though you see people handing in their resignation letters every day to follow their […]

  • Donald Trump Charges American Companies to Release Job Opportunities to the Masses

    Yesterday, Donald Trump – the incoming POTUS, sent mails to the American Companies and he had succeeded in his trial through this mails. As a result, he was able to keep 700 employments in Indiana  and many more exploits like that just for him to kick off the unemployment rate. Even though he is not […]

  • First Impressions Making Your College or Job Interview Count

    While it is often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that piece of advice doesn’t apply when you go in for a college or job interview…because first impressions mean a lot. So, whether you’re being interviewed for a spot in a college tech program or for a job in the tech […]

  • How to Make Money in Nigeria on WOK as a Freelancer

    Freelancing has been around for many years and has been wildly successful in developed countries and also among some smart and savvy Nigerians who caught the freelancing bug earlier on. You would often hear of success stories such as Simon Carter and his girlfriend, Emily of GreenBox designs who joined Elance, and due to their […]

  • How to Land A Job Straight From Your iPad!

    A leading VoIP provider in the United States surveyed hundreds of small businesses to measure mobile device adoption and cloud service usage among today’s businesses. Tablet adoption among businesses has increased to 62% from just 28% two years ago, says RingCentral. Interestingly, cloud app popularity in the business community paralleled the unprecedented mobile gadget usage […]