Which Blockchain Related Stocks Should You Be Looking Out for?

Investing in blockchain stocks of companies have been tipped by experts to be a great investment decision moving forward into the future. If there was anything that the recent years proved for the blockchain investment funds, it is that there are quite a few emerging technologies that may significantly alter the future of money and […]

Crowdfunding 101: How To Raise Money from Strangers With Less Efforts

Crowdfunding is an innovative concept that involves persuading people and organizations to contribute small amounts of money to fund projects or businesses. You can raise hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on how creative and viable your business proposition is. Suppose you convince thousands of people, and each of them contributes $10, $100 […]

10 Effective Long-Term Investing Strategies for Billionaires

Long-term investing allows you to make more impactful moves with most of the risk mitigated by the long-term nature of the investment. It’s important to remember that long-term investment is just that: long-term. The pay-off for your investment may benefit you immensely when you retire, for example. There’s potential for results earlier, but there must […]

Popular Money Making Apps: Legitimate Ways To Earn Money Online!

Yes, there are legitimate ways to earn money online! Thanks to the present technological era, nothing can stop you from making your bank account fat. However, it is conditional on the type of technologies that you have embraced. Getting straight to it, you need to sell your old phone and gift yourself with a phone […]

14 Quick Tips for Freelance Writers of this age

Writing is a creative outlet. More than words, it is a performance. Pleasing an editor is an important task for any writer. Ever wondered, what is going to take you to the next level as a freelance writer? What tricks are going to hook your readers? Below are a few tips to steal from freelancing […]

How to Follow Your Passion without Quitting Your Day Job

At the outset, let’s state this fact clearly. Quitting your day job to follow your passion is easy. However, following through comfortably with what you love to do while sustaining yourself enough to live a good life is definitely not. Even though you see people handing in their resignation letters every day to follow their […]

How Does Technology Influence The Financial Trading Industry?

Technology has changed lots of things we do. Today there are more internet-based disruptors than ever before. However, one of the fields that has been influenced the most is financial trading. Unlike other sectors, financial trading existed before the internet. For years people used to trade from the pit. Then the phone happened and it […]

New Look, New Buz – Bebuzee – The Start of the Empire!

Bebuzee have finally upped their game in contending with the world’s finest! It certainly seems as if we are about to see great things this year in 2015. To begin with, the website is now looking very sleek and modernised.  The new features are incredible, boasting the all new blogging service. Users are now able […]

Can Bebuzee become the next Social Media Giant?

For those who have not heard about Bebuzee, it is an emerging Social Network, with a small dedicated team with huge passion and determination, competing to become potentially one of the most successful Social Networks to grace this planet. Over the past decade Social Media and social networks in particular, have become an extremely powerful […]

Is Bebuzee the Social Network we have been waiting for?

Bebuzee is a new social network, Launched 1st of July 2014 and in its early days it claims to have surpasses 5 million registered users at such an early stage. Going through the website I can recognise it functions smoothly and has many traits Social Media users recognise. Friends are called networks, status updates, uploading […]