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  • How to Migrate from On-Premises Exchange Server to Office 365 Effortlessly

    There are organizations that hesitate whenever they have to move mailboxes from On-premises Exchange Server to Office 365. So, what is holding them up? While Office 365 comes with latest sharing and security features and also termed as Microsoft’s fastest growing business ever. As per migration requirements of Exchange server to Office 365, the beforehand […]

  • How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST using eDiscovery Step by Step

    A lot of important conversations need to be extracted daily for official purposes. They need to be downloaded and saved as a personal file to the desktop or a laptop. It provides a user full authority to access emails even without internet or when the server is offline or disconnected. It can be useful to […]

  • ScanPST Cannot Repair PST File – Alternative Method to Fix Issue

    Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications used for the exchange of information. It has a database file, namely Personal storage table (PST). PST file does not only hold emails, but calendar entries, scheduled meetings, appointments, notes, attachments, contacts, etc. However, at times PST file gets damaged and corrupted due to various […]

  • Microsoft Nigeria launch; reactions, praises and surprises.

    Microsoft Nigeria launching underway!!! Rise of Technology Giant Stakes in Nigeria: Few moment before the launch of Microsoft Nigeria office at V.I. Civic Towers, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, earlier today. It looks like the early days of imported gadgets and softwares that runs on them is edging to a corner with the current development in the […]

  • Top Windows 10 Apps for Top Business Productivity including Windows Hello, Passport & Others

    After Windows 10 was released on July 29, a number of business users have begun showing interest in the software. Although released primarily as a consumer version with some business features built in, Windows 10 was downloaded on to 75 million PCs in the first month alone. At 5% of the PC market, 1.5 million […]

  • New Security Features Introduced with Windows 10

    Microsoft products are among the most used in the world, and because of their widespread popularity and use, these products are unfortunately often targeted by various types of threats and cyber-attacks. With the latest update released by Microsoft, Windows 10, users will benefit from having access to even more security features. With a closer look […]

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Debuts; Here’s the big Plan

    Microsoft’s Windows 10 debuts into the software market as the company struggles to become relevant in a world where more people increasingly rely on Smartphone, tablets and online information. Windows 10 debuts with amazing apps aimed for top business productivity No queue is expected as it used to be 20 years ago during the days of the […]

  • Windows 10 Release, Microsoft finally wakes up from Slumber

    Microsoft Inc is set to release its latest Windows OS; Windows 10 sometimes next month precisely July 29. An upgrade latest to the Windows 8.1 Let’s take a trip into what the Windows 10 will look like Windows 10 has been designed to run on numerous form factors including; desktops, tablets, phones, convertible devices, the […]

  • Microsoft and Nokia: Microsoft almost acquired Nokia before things fell apart and the deal broke

    News broke out of Wall Street Journal proclaiming that Microsoft was on the verge of buying Nokia recently. Things had been going on well between Microsoft and Nokia over few years now, when the Finnish phone maker announced its decision to employ the Windows Phone operating system to run its smartphone lineups. So many guesses […]

  • Windows Phone Marketplace met over 75,000 published apps in 2012, says Microsoft

    In the immense popularity of Android and Apple, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has been struggling to attract the customers. Microsoft is working very hard to make Windows Phone as the best mobile operating system. In its continuous efforts, Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 with the intention of overtaking the popularity bars of Apple and […]