Instagram Users Posted 250,000 US Election Photos

The US Election on Instagram The 2012 US Election was conducted on November 6, as the incumbent president, Mr. Barrack Obama took back his seat defeated his rival Mitt Romney by a popular vote of 60,795,105 to 57,901,531, the electoral vote Obama accumulated was 303, surpassing the 270 he initially needed to win the vote. […]

2012 Election – Barrack Obama Joins Foursquare

The US president, Barrack Obama in his bid to win the second term election, has made another great steps in achieving his second-term presidential aim by joining the fastest growing social networking site, Foursquare. He made this move in order to make it easier for him to have access to relate with large amount of […]

Barack Obama to Start Tweeting From His Twitter @BarackObama

Barack Obama Started Tweeting again According to Mashable, The U.S. President, Barack Obama right from now will tweet from his @BarackObama official Twitter account. The tweeting process will be handle by some of the Presidential re-election’s staffs. They are the one that will be managing his and account for regular tweeting about the the […]

Donald Trump – It Is Now Time To Take The Money

Donald Trump is in the news again! Trump says it’s now time for him to take over the position of the presidency in the next coming election slated for next year, He explain the reasons why he’s referring to the Republican presidential primary race as stupid. Time to take the money, Donald Trump! He said “Republicans […]

How To Know What Americans Want?

Americans, on daily basis, needs one or two thing from their government and they’re the type of people that loves to speak out their mind without been intimidated by any government bodies. They can drive out some of their leaders from the white house if they (leaders such as president and others) are not doing what they […]