Google Hasn't Stopped Pagerank Yet

I woke up this morning to check my Twitter stream only to see a lot of updates saying that Google has disabled its pagerank feature. I logged in to Facebook and found the same messages. I decided to check my dick blick and istock photo blog (as it is my main blog) only to see […]

Google Page rank is not dead – Solution Explained

Google Page rank is not dead according to techatlast news source from a top google official. It was just a mistake on Google side to make their system wrongly disable page rank of all websites today. It is believed that google page rank is not dead bringing an end to unripe news about the possible […]

Google PR Update: got Page Rank One

I supposed to have write about this but I keep on sending it to a further time and I later realized that it would not be okay for me not to mention this to my dearly readers because they want to hear about what is happening on this blog. Apart from showing the PR checker […]