Dangers of Phishing – Trendsetting Topic in the Internet Security Space

As 2018 begins, the dangers of phishing have never been higher as the total number of cyber attacks continues to rise. In that year alone, there were 1,579 successful data breaches in 2017 according to data extracted from the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout. This figure shows nearly a 45% rise from the previous […]

The Start-up’s Guide to Internet Security

If you haven’t heard the news, we are well and truly in the age of the start-up. This perhaps started several years ago during the economic recession and when people were struggling to get employed, they went and tried their own luck on starting an enterprise themselves. For some, it worked very well. If you […]

10 Things You Should Know to Prevent Identity Theft Incidents

Identity Theft has been known to man since we first invented the concept of money. People have been trying to steal from others just by copying their identity or by purposely presenting themselves as someone else. Nowadays, it can be fairly easy to steal someone‚Äôs identity and wreak havoc on their finances. If you manage […]

5 Steps To Avoid Email Phishing Attempts

When it comes to the issue of security on the internet, many internet users at times to take much time to care about this, they think that it is not that important but forget to realize that without the knowledge internet security measures, they can be a victim of internet fraud sooner or later. Email […]