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  • Exploring the Role of Technology in the Modern Retail Store

    With the news that 1 in 10 shops on the UK’s high streets now lays empty, the future of brick and mortar retail stores is looking increasingly bleak. Pair this with the fact that the UK’s ecommerce turnover is predicted to reach €200 billion this year (a 14.6% rise from last year), and it becomes […]

  • A Guide to Elevating Retail Sales with the Help of Beacon Technology

    Beacon is a very tiny and less expensive, micro-location-based technology which I used to send the radio signals and detect the present Bluetooth devices near it and share information. The smartphone captures these radio signals according to the distance from the beacon devices. Most of the industrial sectors, educational institutes, finance, travel, etc. have started […]

  • 4 Major Retailers That Understand Smartphones

    Once again, we’re living through a shift in consumer trends. A decade ago people were just starting to adopt online shopping. Over the years it grew and grew, to the point where no retailer could afford to not have an e-commerce site. In the last couple of years the tide has again shifted, though not […]