How To Leverage AI for Lead Scoring in a CRM?

What is Lead Scoring?  Lead scoring is an approach to rank their candidates/prospects depending on their relevancy to the company. This eventually helps the sales department know the importance of a particular lead. This can save time as well as efforts. Negligence of such practice may waste too much of your efforts put into marketing […]

A Guide to Elevating Retail Sales with the Help of Beacon Technology

Beacon is a very tiny and less expensive, micro-location-based technology which I used to send the radio signals and detect the present Bluetooth devices near it and share information. The smartphone captures these radio signals according to the distance from the beacon devices. Most of the industrial sectors, educational institutes, finance, travel, etc. have started […]

Top 5 Ways to Increase Revenue in Your Business

Every business, no matter the type or size, has one primary objective- to sell. Sales generate revenue which makes continuity possible. So when you are not selling enough, you are most likely not to remain in business for long. Think about it – you have to pay your workers, buy and manage equipment, pay your rents, […]

4 Effective Tips for Improving Sales Rep Productivity

Sales representatives serve at the front line of your business, so you have to do everything you can to make sure they perform effectively. While hiring the perfect lineup of sales reps from the start is ideal, it’s not always—if ever—an option. However, working with your current team of sales reps and finding a way […]

5 Common Sales Forecasting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Planning ahead is one of the keys to a successful business, and the only way that you can plan ahead is with an accurate sales forecast. Your sales forecast helps you set your future budget, determine what your business can afford to spend, and manage its cash flow. If you plan on taking out a […]