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  • 5 Steps to Keep Home Network Safe for Remote Working

    The current social distancing rules have forced many companies to make the switch to remote work whether they were ready or not. This unveiled just how unprepared and unsafe home networks are when it comes to standing up to a determined attacker. As such, we offer five tips to help regular people set up a […]

  • Security Cameras – 7 Of the Best Security Cameras in 2020

    With the rising concern for security all over the world, people are now more prepared to invest in security measures on an individual level. With the growing level of crime and the kind of crime we see around us, I would prefer to set tripwires and mines around my house to keep the ones I […]

  • 13 Best WordPress Database Plugins With Feature-Rich Functionalities

    Most of the WordPress websites rely on MySQL DB, which is also the most popular choice in enterprise database management. It’s an open-source database system, which is called relational database. MySQL DBMS is used by the WordPress websites, applications, and plug-ins to store data and retrieve it when needed. You can consider MySQL as a […]

  • The Ultimate Smart Home: How To Prevent It From Being Hacked

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll probably have heard all the commotion about smart homes nowadays. In short, they are the big thing on the block right now. Whether it’s controlling entry to your house, speaking to any intruders that have made their way in, or even […]

  • How to Secure Your Business’s Network, Server and Data

    Nothing is more valuable to a business than its data. While your employees, processes and office space are assets, it is your data that will determine your company’s success or failure. For example, leaking your trade secrets could provide your competitors with an industry advantage, while losing sensitive customer data could result in legal and […]

  • Digital Locks – Are Locksmiths the Future of Domestic Security?

    Archeologists uncovered the oldest known lock, in palace ruins on the outskirts of Nineveh, in today’s Iraq. The lock is estimated to be some 4000 years old and consists of a large bolt with pegs in its upper surface to prevent unlocking. Locks and keys made from wood were the standards until the Industrial Revolution […]

  • CyberSecurity Trends: Top 5 Trends in CyberSecurity for 2018 and Beyond

    Cybersecurity science is a major aspect of the development, understanding and practice of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a broad category, covering the technology and practices used to protect computer networks, computers, and data from harm. People throughout academia, industry and government all use formal and informal science to develop and expand cybersecurity knowledge. As a discipline, […]

  • 3 Emerging Technologies Impacting Cyber Security Space

    It’s a cat and mouse game between cyber security experts and cyber criminals. While the security guys endeavor to protect users and information, the criminals threaten to compromise data security using different innovative methods. It all seems to be part of a never-ending cat ‘n’ mouse game! Ours is the age of digital connectivity; we […]

  • Land Mobile Radio Systems or LMR Systems: On The Way Out, Or Here To Stay?

    Land mobile radios or LMRs have been used for decades in a variety of industries and applications for voice communications. Multiple emergency response agencies rely on LMRs to communicate and coordinate their efforts for one incident. For instance, in the event of a fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and health care professionals all have […]

  • 12 Innovative Approaches In Improving WordPress Only A Handful Of People Know

    Since its first release date, WordPress never backed down regarding its constant improvements and incredible features. Each year WordPress employs clear strategies, brings in new attributes to make the life of a WordPress user easy. To make you and your WordPress page prepared in the coming days, we have compiled few innovative approaches to improving […]