Siri & Google Now: Vulnerabilities Hackers are Exploiting

Admit it. Siri is great if you don’t have a free hand to send a text or you need a quick answer to the question, “What is the capital of Vermont?” And with every new update to iOS, Apple continues to refine and expand Siri’s voice-recognition capabilities, in turn giving users a whole new set […]

Apple’s New Siri To Drop In October. What Can We Expect?

The intelligent personal assistant application called Siri quickly gained recognition in the United States. The app has many useful features; users can communicate with Siri in the traditional, written way, and also verbally/orally. They can ask her questions, and get valuable answers and information. Siri also makes recommendations, finds the closest clubs, pizza places etc. […]

Apple’s Siri hacked

Apple’s newly released voice-controlled personal assistant software known as Siri, could be adapted to run on Android handsets after developers discovered way around the restrictions designed to limit it to the iPhone 4S users only. The hack really means that the servers which processes the questions that users ask Siri could be accessed by any other […]

Top Amazing Ways to Save iPhone 4S’ Battery from Draining

IPhone 4s is a superb and attractive gadget to have, this is undisputable. It broke record sales by raking in millions of dollars on first release – and everybody wants to buy the device. Apple inc. has been able to capture the mind of tech enthusiasts by implementing programs like Siri in the astonishingly great […]

Here’s the Legendary iPhone 4S Siri Commercial

The first iPhone 4s Siri commercial is out and here is the video of the ad showcasing the amazing features of the tablet. It is legendary! Once upon a time, there was a commercial that changed the world and broke the boundaries between man and machine. It was the iPhone 4S Siri commercial, and it […]