Smart Homes

Smart Homes – The 7 Ways Having a Smart Home Will Benefit Your Life

The concept of automation started becoming a more common discussion point with the advent of the Ford automation department in 1947. That work led to many of the production devices that we know today, such as welding robots, conveyor...

The Ultimate Smart Home: How To Prevent It From Being Hacked

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you'll probably have heard all the commotion about smart homes nowadays. In short, they are the big thing on the block right now. Whether it's controlling entry...

5 Best Smart Home Devices by the Numbers – Unbelievable Devices You Can’t Afford Not To Have in Your Home

We live in an era of amazing technological advancements! In these astonishing times, where our smartphones are our lives and A.I. is every day one step closer to our doorstep, there is a definite urge to upgrade our lifestyle...
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