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  • Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the Smartest Smartphone Worldwide

    Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the first-ever headset to be powered by an advanced 5nm chip making it the smartest smartphone in the world. Nothing compares to it at the moment. Apple recently unveiled their new iPhone 12 range of models, and if you haven’t heard already, they are quite a big deal as they […]

  • 5 Apps To Maximize Your Smartphone’s Performance

    Brian and his squad made a sudden plan to go camping the next day. All his friends rushed to the mall to buy some clothes and other essentials. But Brian plopped on the couch with his laptop and smartphone. His phone was acting weird lately, and he wanted to fix all issues before they leave. […]

  • Virtual Meeting Apps – A Reality for the future in the Event Industry

    Virtual meeting apps seemingly looking like the future recipe for event organizers around the world as Covid-19 offers new reality for the event management industry. One of the primary objectives for the guests to attend any physical event is to meet new people in their industry and network. But with the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic, […]

  • Coronavirus and your smartphone- How the use of smartphones have helped prevent the coronavirus spread 

    As WHO and other pharmaceutical organizations are trying really hard to find a vaccine for curbing the Coronavirus spread, a mobile app such as Corona 100m is helping us prevent the spread of it by helping with awareness. Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and smart devices, we have grown to love them and can’t […]

  • How Has Mobile Cell Phones Become One of the Basic Human Needs?

    Cell phones have become an essential commodity today. People are getting highly addicted to the usage of mobile phones. It is no more a luxury commodity but it serves as a basic need. The mobile phone helps you to stay in close touch with your family members and maintain smooth relations. It helps you to […]

  • How Safe is Your Smartphone? Knowing The Danger of Using Your Device

    Technology has enabled this generation to essentially run and organize their lives literally in the palm of their hands through an amazing technological wonder known as a smartphone. They have become such an intricate part of our lives that it’s hard to remember life without them, which, in reality, was only a few short years […]

  • Do you really need a new smartphone?

    Mozilla is releasing an entire phone system. Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 8.0 to take on the iPad Mini. Huawei unveiled the Ascend P2, the fastest smartphone in the world.  The latest breaking news at the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, has revealed to us a frenzy of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and other […]

  • Key Tips for Keeping your Child’s Smartphone Secure

    If you allow your child to possess a Smartphone, or even if you simply allow them to play with yours, you need to ensure your child understands the importance of internet safety. Luckily, in our modern digital age there now exists mobile phone software that enables parents to have some control over website access for internet safety, […]

  • Most Useful and Useless Smartphone Features (2013 list)

    For most people, the advent of the smartphone has had a huge impact on how they organise many aspects of their lives, including work, leisure and family activities. Gone are the days when a phone was used simply for making calls or sending texts, nowadays they are equipped to take pictures, create documents, watch television […]

  • HTC Desire C: A Quick Review

    HTC has launched HTC Desire C to appeal to the more budget conscious market. Now the question is: is this just a cheap smartphone or is the Desire C something that gives customers what their money’s worth? Let’s find out: The design The phone itself looks like a smaller version of HTC One X at […]