Social Media Data Security: How to Secure Your Data and How Truly Secure Is It?

Social media data security is greatly becoming a trend, thanks to the latest tech inventions disrupting the way we relate and communicate. The advent of the digital age through the internet has given birth to a new platform or tool that aims to fast track the exchange of communication. The term “internet” which was loosely […]

Can Bebuzee become the next Social Media Giant?

For those who have not heard about Bebuzee, it is an emerging Social Network, with a small dedicated team with huge passion and determination, competing to become potentially one of the most successful Social Networks to grace this planet. Over the past decade Social Media and social networks in particular, have become an extremely powerful […]

A new Social Network dubbed “the Saviour of Social Media”

A new Social Network dubbed “the Saviour of Social Media world”, because it promises to share revenue with its user and never sell user data to marketing companies or any other organization. Bebuzee does not release numbers but says it has over 5 million registered users since its date Launch 1st of July 2014. The […]