Microservices Architecture: Redefining Software Development in 2023

Picture a large cruise ship. It’s an incredible feat of engineering, but what if it hits an iceberg? It’s a single point of failure. Now, imagine a fleet of small boats, all sailing together. If one boat has a problem, the others sail on. This, my friend, is the essence of microservices architecture. Microservices Architecture: […]

5 Key Steps For Successful Custom IoT Software Development

There are several key steps for successful custom internet of things software development. IoT-connected devices and applications are projected to explode over the next couple of years. Of course, this means experienced programmers who develop these products are positioned for major career growth and opportunity. Building IoT products, you can optimize operational processes, foster innovation, […]

5 Useful Software Development Tools To Improve Your Productivity

There are plenty of useful, robust software development tools to improve your productivity, performance, motivation, and overall workflow in 2021. The best software programming tools serve as a reliable resource for creating, maintaining, and debugging your applications. As an experienced developer, the top solutions streamline communication, standardize processes, and help you reduce programming risks. Naturally, […]

Agile and Lean Methodology – Everything You Need to Know About Now!

Many people do not understand what Agile or Lean is and they cannot comprehend the difference between the two software development models. So, for this topic, our experts have decided to give you all and little insight into what both of these are how do they differ. But before understanding the difference between Agile and […]

A Comparison between Custom Software Development and Generic Software Development

The software development world continues to evolve as demand changes. There is a wide range of services offered by a software development company today that are on offers to customers worldwide. There are different development types, depending on company preference.  Some may require custom software development while others go for generic software development. The choice depends […]

How Software Developers Are Redesigning Application Programming?

Modern software development teams are completely redesigning the application programming process. Application development is constantly changing, updating, and improving across the web or mobile-based interfaces. For most people, long gone are the days we have to deal with hardware, though hardware remains closely linked to software—for every system with an application, hardware sourced from manufacturing […]

Machine Learning & AI: Bringing New Dimensions to Software Testing

With the advancement in the technological front, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are undoubtedly acting as a game-changer in the software testing domain. Developers and testers, working diligently to deliver Quality Assurance for their products, are overwhelmed to see the progress and are have complete faith in the advancements turning up due to AI […]