Yara Birkeland – The world’s first autonomous ship set to launch in 2018

It’s hard to turn on your TV or tune in to a technology-focused blog or forum without hearing talk of a newly built driverless vehicle, with Tesla, Google, Audi and even Apple working on variations of the technology. In a recent change of pace, innovators in other transportation sectors have shown a willingness to adopt […]

ScanPST Cannot Repair PST File – Alternative Method to Fix Issue

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications used for the exchange of information. It has a database file, namely Personal storage table (PST). PST file does not only hold emails, but calendar entries, scheduled meetings, appointments, notes, attachments, contacts, etc. However, at times PST file gets damaged and corrupted due to various […]

The Future Of Food – Insects, Algaes, Indoor Farms & Robots

In order to feed the world population of the next 50 years, farmers will have to produce more food than what was totally produced in the past 10,000 years, according t0 Union of Concerned Scientists post. This means that we need to approach food production and consumption from a more creative angle. New and bizarre […]

Google Sued for Its “Spying Program” and Rigid Policies Towards Employees

Even at this festive season when all things should’ve been rosy and rocky at Google headquarters, but otherwise has taken an unpleasant direction if all reports from The Information were anything to go by. In a reported news by Mashable today, culled from The Information, the search engine giant had been reported to have in […]

Siri & Google Now: Vulnerabilities Hackers are Exploiting

Admit it. Siri is great if you don’t have a free hand to send a text or you need a quick answer to the question, “What is the capital of Vermont?” And with every new update to iOS, Apple continues to refine and expand Siri’s voice-recognition capabilities, in turn giving users a whole new set […]

US Data Hack; Sex, Lies and Debt scandals potentially Exposed

Filling up a US clearance application, a 51-year-old military man disclosed his 20 years affair with the wife of his former college roommate, this information is supposed to be classified and remain secret between him and the government. Washington was shaken up last week when information released that hackers had penetrated a database containing intimate […]

BlackBerry may soon launch its first Android Phone says Report

The Canadian Smartphone giant; BlackBerry is consideration running Google’s Android software on its upcoming Smartphone, a move that acknowledges its latest line of devices has failed to appeal to Smartphone audience according to sources. The company, when its BlackBerry 10 was released, thought their new flagship will be the game changer that will claw back […]

Windows 10 Release, Microsoft finally wakes up from Slumber

Microsoft Inc is set to release its latest Windows OS; Windows 10 sometimes next month precisely July 29. An upgrade latest to the Windows 8.1 Let’s take a trip into what the Windows 10 will look like Windows 10 has been designed to run on numerous form factors including; desktops, tablets, phones, convertible devices, the […]

Top Drone Videos That’s Worth The Media Attention for 2014

Media has progressed exponentially over the years. It is essentially integrated in just about everything we do. Everything from trivial interaction with friend to large scale productions would not be the same without the current level of extensive technology in media. One could easily argue that media has become as necessary as food or clothing. […]