Five Technological Breakthroughs To Expect This Year

We all know technology is subject to change and top technological companies are not being left out from the train of dishing out mind blowing tech wonders. Tech savvy people will really appreciate all these changes as this will go a long way in making technology a desirable tool in our various fields.Below are the […]

5 Ways Technology Can Significantly Improve Your Business Process

While your business might be doing pretty well on its own, you should consider adding more technology. At the speed the world is growing, tech usage has become a necessity for all establishment. It can make your company more efficient, employees will be more productive, and it might even result in more profits. Here are […]

Exploring the Role of Technology in the Modern Retail Store

With the news that 1 in 10 shops on the UK’s high streets now lays empty, the future of brick and mortar retail stores is looking increasingly bleak. Pair this with the fact that the UK’s ecommerce turnover is predicted to reach €200 billion this year (a 14.6% rise from last year), and it becomes […]

A Guide to Elevating Retail Sales with the Help of Beacon Technology

Beacon is a very tiny and less expensive, micro-location-based technology which I used to send the radio signals and detect the present Bluetooth devices near it and share information. The smartphone captures these radio signals according to the distance from the beacon devices. Most of the industrial sectors, educational institutes, finance, travel, etc. have started […]

How Vaping Technology Has Evolved to Meet Growing Demand

Over the years, vaping has become a fast-growing industry that is believed to reach a total value of $50 billion before the end of 2025. With the demand for electronic cigarettes growing, vaping technology companies have had to tweak their technology and evolve in order to meet the needs and desires of it’s rapidly growing […]

5 Most Detrimental Mobile SEO Mistakes that You Could Make

Right from the “mobilegeddon” to the  mobile-first indexing, Google has always been conveying one unswerving message that in order to get your desired SERP rankings and to effectively boost your business you must necessarily require being mobile-first. As Bing and Google’s algorithms keep evolving and continue to incorporate new technologies, we are constantly fine-tuning our […]

5 Greatest Advantages of Smart Home Automation Technology

The use of smart home automation technology is on the rise, as many individuals realize the numerous benefits that it can bring them. Smart home automation systems allow various parts of a home to be controlled remotely through any Internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) […]