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  • Twitter Hacked: 250,000 Twitter user accounts compromised due to recent Hack

    Twitter Hacked – 250,000 User Accounts Compromised – Tips to Account Safety It is no longer a kind of surprise to hear big companies get caught in lower security measure against their users’ data. Facebook has once been hacked, leading to thousands of user’s personal details compromise, while some other sites such PayPal, the popular […]

  • Tweet Archives now available on Twitter

    Are you on the popular micro blogging website Twitter? Well, chances are pretty high as Twitter just touched the 200 million active users mark. This clearly speaks the success story of it. If you surf the waves of web regularly, then you must have noted that Twitter has been shining in the news on all […]

  • Chrome Extension, InstaTwit to View Instagram Photos in Twitter

    If you are one from the huge list of Twitter addicts, then you must be familiar with the end of Instagram integration with it. This is indeed a bad news for Twitter users as they are no longer able to view the Instagram Photos within the Twitter. This may be because of the fact that […]

  • Instagram Pulls Out Support for Twitter Photos, as Owner-Facebook takes charge

    Are you on the popular social networking and microblogging service Twitter? If this is so, then here is something important for you. Something that may make you sad. The popular photo sharing website Instagram has pulled out its support for Tweet Cards. If you don’t know what the ‘Tweet Cards’ are, then let me tell […]

  • Oprah showed off her love for Microsoft Surface on Twitter, tweets with Apple iPad

    If you are a fan of Oprah Winfrey, one of the world’s most influential person, you will see her tweet on Sun where she showed off her love for the newly released Microsoft Surface tablet. She claimed in early November that it is one of her favorite thing, and on Sunday morning, she tweeted that […]

  • Instagram Users Posted 250,000 US Election Photos

    The US Election on Instagram The 2012 US Election was conducted on November 6, as the incumbent president, Mr. Barrack Obama took back his seat defeated his rival Mitt Romney by a popular vote of 60,795,105 to 57,901,531, the electoral vote Obama accumulated was 303, surpassing the 270 he initially needed to win the vote. […]

  • New Twitter app for iPad, iPhone and Android receive updates

    New Twitter app for iPad and iPhone A brand new application for Twitter is now on iPad, it completes the sliding pane effect on the formal version, and it is designed by Loren Britchter, the author of the Tweetie app on iPhone. On the new application, tweets appear on a single list on the screen, […]

  • Twitter mobile now allows image upload

    Just like Facebook, the Twitter mobile has now enabled picture uploads through the mobile browser. This feature will allow you to attach images to your tweets, you are able to attach an image from your file in the gallery or click to use the camera to snap a fresh image. For now, it seems only the Android […]

  • Top 5 Twitter Photo Sharing Tips

    Twitter has been increasingly used to share ideas, views, experiences and even photos to other people included in your Twitter world. However, Twitter has limitations in sharing photos because it does not allow creation of albums like that in Facebook or MixBook that allows you to upload several photos at a time. In addition, your […]