Virtual Meeting Apps – A Reality for the future in the Event Industry

Virtual meeting apps seemingly looking like the future recipe for event organizers around the world as Covid-19 offers new reality for the event management industry. One of the primary objectives for the guests to attend any physical event is to meet new people in their industry and network. But with the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic, […]

Setup Video Conferencing at Your Work Place

Video conferencing can be a lifesaver for businesses small and large, and old and new. Save on travel costs, consult with far flung experts or new clients, give your employees the freedom to work from home or hire an expert on the other side of the world. But, like all things technological, buggy video conferencing […]

Keeping Video Conferencing in Business – Here’s The Catch!

WARNING: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Video Conferencing in your business! Using video conferencing in your business? If you aren’t, here are eight reasons you should: Video Conferencing in Business setup: The Best Ways to utilize teleconference in your business. Cost efficient Those days—when you had to shell out money for overnight hotel stays for […]

eLearning & Distance Education: Still a Place at the Table?

eLearning has developed a poor reputation as a viable part of a sales enablement strategy. But is it time to turn our back on a training tool once so full of promise? Let’s take a look at what eLearning can offer, where it has fallen short, and how it can still be a tool for […]