How the pandemic has changed the watch market forever

As Covid-19 began to spread across the world, life as we knew it changed dramatically. This caused events to be canceled, meaning brands were unable to showcase their shiny new toys to the rest of the world.¬†Due to the pandemic spread across the world, everything has changed dramatically for the watch and luxury brands. Here’s […]

Top 4 Ways To Keep Wearable App Development Costs In Check

A few stats to share about wearable app development niche. The wearable market will exceed 4 billion dollars in 2017. (Source) 54% of the companies have started investing into BYOW (Bring Your Own Wearable) model. (Source) Companies have started testing wearable apps for security access, employee time management, communication and other use cases. (Source) The […]

Wearables You Could Buy This Christmas Season

You’re looking for something to give out for Christmas to someone who can’t get enough of technology? Chances are that he or she is thinking about wearables this year since these new products have been all the talk at the different tech shows around the world. As the month of December starts, wearables will be […]

Tech Giants Smartwatch Makers vouch to make those Wearables Monitor your Health

Apple, Google, Samsung to bring health monitoring apps on their smart watch products. For some decades, medical research technology industries have been looking for ways diabetics can successfully check their blood sugar level on-the-go. Now, mobile tech giant companies are coming into the scene. Apple Inc, Google Inc and Samsung Electronics are working on applications […]