The Use of Wireless Technology In Maintenance Management

Given the rapid rise and adoption of wireless and mobile technology in the consumer markets, it was inevitable that back-office departments like maintenance and supply chain would also be able to utilize it in their operations. Today, wireless sensors are embedded into pipelines, boilers, turbines and all kinds of assets that require routine maintenance. Furthermore, […]

The Importance of Wireless Connectivity in Boosting Tourism

Do you have Wi-Fi?” is probably the most commonly asked question by tourists and business travelers when they visit a place. Whether it’s in hotels, restaurants, spas, or any other establishment they spend time in, guests want to stay connected and to be constantly entertained. In cities and places where tourists flock, governments and enterprises […]

Why BLE Technology and Healthcare completely blend each other

Gone are the days of cables and wires getting entangled beside our gadgets. We live in the wireless era with almost all our technology being mobile. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Smart technology takes us further into the future of wireless personal area networks. It allows gadgets to wirelessly communicate with each other, building an intelligent […]

When Will We Have A Gigantic Wireless Hotspots?

Wireless hotspots are very useful. These are the areas, found everywhere from coffee shops to hotels, that allow you to access the internet, or if you’re already running broadband through a mobile device, enable faster browsing that doesn’t count against your monthly data limits. Wireless hotspots tend to be limited in size and scope though and […]

FYI – 5 Tips to Secure Wireless Network from Hackers

Most of my accounts were hacked yesterday! I got to know I was not using secure wireless network. I was so mad at myself for letting this happen to me so cheaply. But thank God, I was able to get my email fixed and several other social media accounts after series of actions. I wouldn’t want you […]