TechAtLast Team Unveiled


TechAtLast isn’t a one-man blog any more. With a need for high quality reviews, news, guides, tutorial and solution to problems that our readers are reporting to us every day, it was necessary for other like-minded writers to come on board.

We have employed the services of a team of dedicated researchers, writers and editors to take care of each department in order to serve YOU better.

So, we hereby present the names of official TechAtLast Team members with their social media profiles for following. These great people are sure bet to be happy in having you as friend!


Bamidele Onibalusi of WritersInCharge

Onibalusi Bamidele

Bamidele Onibalusi is a Nigerian blogger, freelance writer and successful entrepreneur. He runs the successful Writers in Charge blog that has been read by over a million people, and he constantly shares practical business ideas at Effective Business Ideas.

When Bamidele is not writing articles for his blog or clients, or conducting experiments to help improve conversions on his blog, he is most likely feeding his fishes; that’s perhaps the only way he “relaxes” these days.

Bamidele has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and Digital Journal amongst other reputable online publications, and he has been severally featured as one of Nigeria’s top bloggers.

Ayodeji Onibalusi


Olawale Daniel posing on Google+Olawale Daniel

Olawale is the founder and the person who has the vision that at the end of everything, technology will surely be what everybody would turn to at last! That’s why the name #TechAtLast came into being — there’s no hidden secret than the reality of what has and would happen about the future when it comes to technology and the way people appreciate it.

He’s currently heading the administration department, efficiency department and do a whole lot of coding and server management on the site every day. To learn more about Olawale, please click here.

Olukunle Moses

Olukunle joined TechAtLast 12th April 2012, and ever since then, he has been working as one of our full-time editors, moving from there to head of editorial department within few months of commitment. Till date, he has published more article than an average writer on the website, few hundreds behind Olawale. You can read more about Olukunle Moses here. Now, he controls the largest area of the whole organization.

Jay Flynn – Marketing

Pat Wise – Editor

Writers/Reporters/Researchers/In-house experts


Ayodeji Onibalusi – Writer

Julius Pacana – Writer

Felix – Writer

Bamidele Onibalusi – Contributor

Atish Ranjan – Contributor

Abel Wike – Contributor

Ashwin – Contributor

Mayur Godhani – Content Advising board

Taiwo Enoch (late)  – Contributor

Joe Pawlowski – Discovery/Features Contributor

Thanks for sharing your time with all Techatlast team members on this page. We really appreciate all your time spent in browsing through our web pages.