Tech3dge Free Giveaways – Worth $146 for free with 1 year hosting

Tech3dge is a technology blog that helps internet users catch the glimpse of the internet by providing them useful information that can help better their lives….The blog tech3dge is owned by Pradeep Bhandari, an18 years old part time Blogger who uses part of his free time to write and promote his blog till this present time when the blog has turned to a success.

Tech3dge, in his quest to always offer good service and mouth watering free giveaways to its readers, has launched a free giveaway that will allow you (my readers) to wrestle it out with other contestants from all part of the world over the internet for the grand prize of $146 which consists of free 1 year domain name and hosting and some other free giveaways that can add value to your lives.

Free Offer From proudly supported by

Would You Mind $146? not fake but real $146 worth of prizes….

Awesome offer from Pradeep of

To participate in this offer, kindly rush to the contest page and cast in your votes, and I believe that you can achieve it, you can be the overall winner along with me because I’m the number one winner……lol…. I’m kind of funny guy, let’s leave that side to Pradeep to decide but I know you can win this contest and that ist the final word from me.

Go over there now and be the winner you are destined to be!!!



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