TechAtLast Contest 2012 Winners Announcement: And the winners are!

Last February, we started a giveaway contest on this blog where we offered to give great prizes to all the winners in the contest. Though, the contest was scheduled to last for a month but circumstances beyond our control lengthened the contest announcement. We’re very sorry for that.

The contest as we have promised when we announced it back then, these is the prices that are on offer for all the participants:

10 Free VPN Traffic Account for Android Users (sponsored by VPN Traffic)

3 Full Cloudberry Amazon S3 Account (sponsored by CloudBerry)

$200 PayPal or AlertPay cash (sponsored by the two Onibalusi brothers’ blog, YoungPrePro and TNTP)

Free One Month Banner Ad on both, TAL and (sponsored by me)

2 free Creately Account for Drawing Infographics Pictures and other drawings (sponsored by Creately)

Free Link Text Ad placement at BoltonHiTech

techatlast contest winners
techatlast giveaway winners

These are few to be mentioned among all the prices that we listed on the contest announcement page, but, above that, let me quickly give you the breakdown of how the prizes is going to be shared among the winners.

TechAtLast Contest 2012

#1 Position:

  • $100 cash to be directly credited to your PayPal or AlertPay account
  • One VPN Traffic Account for Your Android smartphone
  • One month banner ad placement on TechAtLast (PR4 page with thousands of daily visitors :))

#2 Position:

  • $50 cash directly to be credited to your account
  • One month free banner ad on (PR3 blog)
  • One VPN traffic account to be used on your android smartphone for anonymous internet browsing experience.

#3 Position:

  • $50 cash for you to shop online or use it anyhow you want
  • One month free banner ad on BHT for free.
  • One Free CREATELY Account

#4 Position:

  • One free Amazon S3 Cloudberry account (worth $—-)
  • One VPN Traffic Account
  • One month ad space on LTJ for free

#5 Position:

  • One free Amazon S3 Cloudberry account (worth $—-)
  • One month banner ad placement on LTJ for free
  • One VPN Anonymous browsing account

And the rest five peoples after the Top 5 winners will go home with:

#6 Position: Random winner

We will put all the participants name into and randomize them; the winner is going to get a free in-text link in an existing high ranking post on Techatlast.

So, that’s how the we are going to share the prizes among all the winners in this first quarter contest. Now, let’s see some of the winners and how they managed to ranked higher in the contest.

TechAtLast $1000+ worth Contest Winners

These are the bloggers who, among all other participants came up to become our winners for this great contest. We really appreciate your time and efforts in obeying the rules and regulations associated with this contest. Kudos to you!

This is the list of all the participants in the contest from A to Z:

  1. Aaron Siegel
  2. Aditya Garg
  3. Amit Nehra
  4. Anirudh Karthik
  5. Anish
  6. Anish Shah
  7. Chitraparna Sinha
  8. Cool
  9. David Johnson
  10. Gopal Tathe
  11. Harish Bin Ibrahim
  12. Ifeanyi Evaristus
  13. Jafar Dhada
  14. Jamie Northrup
  15. Jan Nowak
  16. Johnson Gebu
  17. Kuldeep Khatri
  18. Lillian Santana
  19. Lokesh Chauhan
  20. Mayur Godhani
  21. Menjil Villalobos
  22. Mj (no full name, just nick name)
  23. Mohammad Salman Baig
  24. Mohammed Aatif
  25. Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim
  26. Naser Mohd Baig
  27. Prashant
  28. Pratik Thorat
  29. Raymond Ronald Cardoza
  30. Saikrishna Mundreti
  31. Samson Abiodun
  32. Sameer Gandhi
  33. Sandipan Mukherjee
  34. Suraj Roy
  35. Vishnudath

And here are the top 10 winners in the contest with their accrued points:

These people posted about the giveaway:

  1. Menj from Laaganko
  2. Pratik from UpdateYourself
  3. Mayur from
  4. Samson from eComputerTips

All Points accrued by the Top participants (each points):

  1. Mayur Godhani (21)
  2. Aaron Siegel (18)
  3. Samson (16)
  4. Anirudh Karthik (15)
  5. Lokesh Chauhan (15)
  6. Anish Shah (12)
  7. Jafar Dhada (9)
  8. Kuldeep Khatri (8)
  9. Menjil Villalobos (8)
  10. Raymond Ronald Cardoza (8)

Random Winner prize goes to: Gopal Tathe from

And the #1 winner is!

Mayur Godhani from

Special thanks to all the participants and sponsors for this great contest. We promise to make the next contest interesting and prompt more than this. Also, all the participants who have take the most of their time to publish an article about this contest on their respective blogs, thanks for that. And for us to fulfill our own side of the story, we shall add all your links to the contest participating blogs page as soon as possible. Kindly check your link here for confirmation.

How to Collect Your Prizes:

Kindly wait for us to contact you with your prizes. However, you will have to write about this contest if you haven’t done that on your blog if you want your prizes to be sent to your email address or your account if you are the winner for the cash prizes place.

But! You must write a post on your blog announcing your price and gift. Thanks

Olawale Daniel

{Founder at}

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