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Techatlast needs no introduction anymore since it’s still the same Techatlast platform we’ve been familiar with for quite a long time ago.

The word “Techatlast” was formed from this two keywords in the sentence here: Technology would be the Last thing that will still be existence even after the time when everything will seems not to be working again, at that time when the world would come into an end.” So the name was formed from two words, Technology and Last. And the “at” in between the name represents “@”, which means Tech@Last but since the symbol @ couldn’t work as part of a domain name, so we have to use the standard “at” instead.

Hope you get that right? If yes, then this is time to show you some other basic things needed to be learnt about Techatlast.

It was founded last year March 10, 2011 by Olawale Daniel who was still a secondary school greener pastures seeker then until he finally nailed it and remain focused on this blog. Since then, he has been able to rank the site to the top page of Google for several most competitive keywords – one as the #1 technology blog on Google, while also ranking high for some other keywords such as best facebook games, free android apps, iphone developer, blogging while travelling, top tech blogs and many more.

Since the existence of this blog, Olawale Daniel has been able to publish over 800 quality posts on this blog while he has more than 200 drafted posts partially ready to be published. The site is a multi-authored blog accepting guest authors though, but that doesn’t mean the site will just allow you to post low quality contents on its server. We only accept quality contents on this blog and you can get started here if you are interested.

Techatlast writes on varieties of topics ranging from Gadgets to iPhone, Android, SEO, Guest Blogging, and Social Media Marketing.

And there are many opportunities which you can get on this website; you can easily advertise your website or products without paying hard for it. You can get backlinks and link juices from here because we’re dofollowed blog and we do accept good thinking commenters.

TAL writes on varieties of topics ranging from Gadgets to iPhone, Android, SEO, Guest Blogging, and Social Media Marketing.

However, we do have services which Techatlast Media could help you handle, services such as Search Engine Optimization, Guest Posting on other blogs or backlinks, Blog commenting for ranking higher, Research, Content writing, Marketing and many more. You can easily access these benefits by visiting Hire Page.

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