3 Technological Advancements That Will Influence Pandemic And Beyond

In the current pandemic, digital technology is playing one of the biggest, critical, and vital roles it has ever seen in its history. Many different types of technologies are being used to support patients and their providers in first-hand settings and to connect with them to maintain the care continuum. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March, hospitals and healthcare systems have continuously implemented new processes in the efforts to help patients and their families receive real-time care that is personalized to them. 

Overall, the healthcare industry is looking for technology that helps healthcare professionals engage with patients and their families better as well as technology that will help them take an active role in their own care.

3 technological advancements that will play a pivotal role in the current pandemic and beyond

Here’s a look at three technologies that will continue to play a major role in fighting the pandemic as we prepare for a potential second wave. 

RPM Software 

RPM Software - Remote Patient Monitoring software
In overcoming the pandemic, RPM software (Remote Patient Monitoring software) is one of the three technological advancements that will play a pivotal role in helping patients and their families.

RPM short for Remote Patient Monitoring software is a great solution that will enable patients and their families to have the ability to self-monitor and self-manage their symptoms. This is great for the current pandemic as they will be able to do this in their own homes under quarantine and isolation. Not only is this type of technology helping to reduce transmission of the virus and other illnesses, but it also allows clinicians to communicate with patients in real-time over their devices and view data based on their current situation.

RPM systems provide a solution for healthcare providers to change lives for the better in the long term. Clinicians will be able to provide better care and detect problems early, on preventing complications from occurring, which can escalate the problem. RPM will not only increase and better the health care provided, but it can also improve outcomes and reduce cost which can be hugely beneficial to the health care services, 

AI Technology 

AI technology and its capabilities have been thrust forward in light of the pandemic as one of the possible technological advancements that will work. It has helped to enhance high patient volume flow through the healthcare system. The advantages of this include delivering the right treatment and recommendation that a patient needs to be based on their current symptoms. The use of AI technology offers medical personalized treatment and engagement with the practitioner of the highest levels. Predictive analytics from the technology will also continue to guide patient care as it will suggest similar services other patients might have used.

Tech Booms of the New Decade
Tech Booms of the New Decade featuring selected technology sector projections as of December 2019. (Source: Statista)

The use and implementation of thesis types of technologies mean we will also, in the future, see a greater emphasis placed on implementing AI and machine learning driving solutions over the years to come. Healthcare organizations will no doubt look to implement and leverage the tools to provide a higher and better standard of care. This is especially true when considering the treatment of patients in the second wave of Covid-19. 


Through the use of Telehealth and Telecare, it has helped reduce the risk of exposure for patients causing it to grow exponentially over the course of the pandemic. The technology has been able to serve everyone involved, patients, clinicians, and families. Tools that support patient engagement have also played a crucial role in facilitating connection remotely. 

In the future, we should expect to see telehealth continue to take on many different forms in the healthcare sector as emerging technological advancements to determine the next phase of healthcare services. This is because, just like in many other aspects of our lives, we crave convenience. And so, technologies such as Telehealth can offer consumers peace of mind as they can be seen through the use of technology in a safe space, maintaining social distancing without needing to leave home. 

Although the rest of 2020 is unknown, technologies of all kinds have been used to lower consumer fears during epidemics and natural disasters. Technology offers communication outside of geographical location, which is what makes it so interactive and versatile to use, not to mention handy and convenient. For this reason, we will see these three pivotal technologies continue to aid and care for us in many different ways. 






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