Technological Revolution in the Work Place

Interaction with technology in our daily activities is so omnipresent that it is almost taken for granted in this digital era.Being Tech savvy for business growth

1. Influence of smartphones on people’s life

The impact of technology on an individual varies based on how “techy” they are. From people who use their smart-phones to upload every minute of their lives to social media to those that religiously follow the latest technological news, modern technology offers something for everyone. Many people today have easy access to unprecedented computing power: An average smartphone of today is faster than PC’s available a decade ago. This computing power is also well complemented by the global information resource, the internet.

While for an average Joe the technology at their disposal today is merely a source of entertainment, for many people it’s a life saver. Efficient use of today’s devices and their capabilities can save a lot of headache to those who are already burdened by the typical work stress they have to undergo every day. At the onset, working from home has never been more real and accessible, even for those from technology-oriented professions. It is not uncommon to see freelance programmers, web and graphic designers that have worked on projects as big as those undertaken at reputed organizations. Freelancers, however, have the added advantage of deciding their own work hours and work load, which gives them extra time to spend with their loved ones, not to mention the time they save on commuting if their offices are far from the place they live.

That is not to say that people working at offices do not rely on modern day technologies. Previously, taking a day off work meant that they were essentially out of contact with clients for that day. This would normally mean that they would have double the work load the next day, or increase their back log at the very least. Moreover, with the computing power that most Smartphone’s are equipped with, not only can an employee stay in touch with their office work on their days off, but also finish any important or time bound task right from the comfort of their couch.

2. Importance of technology in the Work Place

Many devices are advertised for their special designs or capabilities that improve the productivity of the users, and several television ads show creative ways of how these devices can be used for being more productive. Developers of various mobile platforms also realize this potential, which is probably the reason why many apps from the productivity section of their respective stores witnesses a constant expansion, both in terms of their capabilities, and their sales. These mobile applications range from simple office suites that let a user edit a document or presentation to those that allow for accurate manipulation of images to apps that deal with financial data sheets, not to mention several tailor-made apps that turn the smartphones and tablets into remote controls for high-quality equipment such as cameras and workstations. Such a wide variety of apps means that a plethora of professional work can now be conveniently performed right from your handheld device.

Just as the employees, the employers also are coming up with new and creative ways to use technology for an improved efficiency of their workforce. For example, crowd sourcing has been shown to be successful in many different situations. For a big MNC, this would mean that employees from several different countries and time zones are working on a single problem. By providing a custom app that is installed on the devices of all the employees working on a project, companies can efficiently track and understand which group of their crew is lagging behind and where is more efficiency needed. Similarly, wearable devices such as smart watches are increasingly being supported by several big companies to ensure that their employees never miss an important meeting or email. However, this can sometimes compromise the security of the company, as it is not very difficult for an employee to collect sensitive information of an organization and sell it to third parties unless proper measures are taken to prevent this.

Developers working on building tools and software for improvement in workplace efficiency are always on the lookout for latest technology news that they can use. This has led to the availability of tools that have enhanced several aspects of a typical organization. A good example is the hiring process. Back in the day even when emails and internet communication was prevalent, it was still a burden for recruitment personnel to scan through hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of applications and resumes to choose or shortlist people. Now, many companies use tools that let them set filters to automatically remove applicants that do not meet certain criteria.  Similarly, good tracking systems enable employers to simplify the background checks and other steps of the recruiting process.

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3. Technology and Environment are inseparable

This trend highlights how inseparable technology has become with work environment. With the recent developments in smart eye wear and robotic technologies, it is only going to become more prevalent. We have already seen concepts where firefighters are given real time instructions via their smart eye wear in dismantlement of complex machinery. Companies increasingly show interest in investment on robots that help human personnel in performing repetitive and mundane tasks with great accuracy. It would be interesting to see what keys the future holds in terms of technology-driven workplaces.

Technological revolution is taking place everywhere; day-by-day we hear about news of different forms of technological advancements replacing there obsolete counterparts, and that is just a sign of what’s to come. With all the recent technological revolutions coming into the fold, what are your opinions, and what does the future holds for non-techy employees and employers?



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