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Android Parental Control Know-How Explained

Homosexuality has long been a controversial topic and homosexuals, especially in their teens, are considered to be weird and different. Hence they constantly become targets of bullying and end up being mentally and physically abused. Girls also have a tendency of being bullied a lot more than boys. So they deserve extra attention as well. The Android parental control can help parents figure out if their teens are victimized because of their sexuality, or other reasons, so that they can help their children through a tough time. Parents simply need to install the parental control software in their child’s Android phone and then they can receive updates via text messages and emails (when access to Internet is there).

android parental control
android parental control

Fear of school bullies

Stats tell us that every day over 160,000 children skip school because they fear being attacked, and are intimidated by the bullies in school. There are over 2.1 million bullies in schools all over the United States of America – not to mention the bully brigade outside the school. About one fourth of the total number of students fall victims to bullying and hence the matter has become a big issue for parents all over the country.

Suicides and dropouts

According to latest bullying statistics – courtesy – gay and lesbian teens are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than other youths. Around one-third of total suicides are found out to be related to an identity crisis owing to one’s sexuality. Bullies breed on such crises, and can become a major reason why your child might want to do away with themselves. Further stats reveal that homosexual students are five times more likely to miss school because of the menace of bullying. And 28 percent are often forced to drop out altogether. Suicide rate among young girls is also considerably more than that of boys of the same age; therefore you need to pay more attention to the troubles of your daughter.

Keep a close eye

All of the abovementioned facts and stats are enough to scare the daylight out of any parent. You do realize that you can’t be with your child 24/7, which is why this software is just what you need. Phone conversations and an idea of their surrounding can help you dig deep into the fears of your child and by keeping a close eye you will be able to help your child out when need be.

Girls need special care

Girls can be extremely sensitive with regards to bullying as well. They need a lot of care, and their parents must ensure that they protect them from emotional torture. Early teens are going through a tough time emotionally and therefore are extremely vulnerable to being over-affected by bullying. Thanks to the Android parental control you can now ensure that you are totally aware of what is going on in the mind of your daughter, and where she might need help.

Bullying can cause a serious mental dent to your daughter in her early teens, and this can have lifelong aftereffects. Make sure you protect her from bullying by keeping an eye on all of her actions.

 View phone contents

Via Android parental control, parents can view the entire contents of all the sent and received text messages, phone calls as well as emails. So if their teens are being subjected to humiliation through harsh texts, threatening calls or rude emails, the parents can take immediate action against these bullies and can be there for their children to support them in whatever way they can. Sometimes the texts might not seem as daunting on the first look. But the parents can use their experience to figure out if something threatening might be around the corner for their child, and could also prevent it from happening.

Picture logging

Picture logging is another feature of the Android parental control, which lets parents view the photo gallery in their teen’s phone. Therefore if the child is being sent vulgar, rude or threatening photos by bullies, parents can find that out and can figure out how to deal with this issue. This is one of the scariest kinds of bullying, and threatening images tend to dent the teen a lot more than mere words or texts.

Teens will be teens

Homosexual teenagers are after all still teenagers so they will go to hang out in all the popular spots which is actually quite risky, considering that most of the ‘top dogs’ are the nastiest bullies out there. The Android parental control comes with a tracking system which parents can work with and without GPS to pinpoint the location of their gay teen and find out whether they are hanging out in a safe place or at the bully central. Knowing the location of your child can be very important and can help you keep a watch on their favorite hangout places. Any bully who would target the teen would be keeping a close eye on them as well. Via this software, you can ensure that you are always a couple of steps ahead of the bullies.

Spy call feature

If parents find out that their child is in fact hanging out at the popular spots, they can use the spy call feature offered by the Android parental control. Using the Android parental control allows parents to listen to a recording of the sounds that are surrounding their teen wherever they are. This means that if their kid is being bullied while outside, parents can instantly know and go to their kid’s rescue. This feature is especially helpful to homosexual teens who are bullied at school.

Android monitoring software helps you get the tension of your teen’s whereabouts and the prospect of them being bullied out of your system. You are one software installation away from being assured that whenever your teen needs you, you’ll know it at once and can help them out.

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